Our Unique Autoclave-Closure Technology

We put lid and counter-weights on a purpose-built structure and thus relieve the load on the vessel-flange structure, and it does not become deformed thanks to this technology! This is a major advantage over conventional systems. It guarantees trouble-free operation for many years!
For unloading, the lid is slid upwards. A rail strap in the autoclave or outside is kept short, approximately 800 mm, with an autoclave diameter of 3 m. This saves space in front of the autoclave. This still means 2 m with an autoclave diameter of 2.9 m! The weight of the door is kept in equilibrium by counter-weights. Only little effort is required for opening and closing. The locking mechanism incorporates a very high safety standard!

Autoclaves – Fields of Application

Sterilising food in tins and jars. Direct water heating and with cooling also using water.
Eradicating pest infestation of fruit and vegetables with CO2. Direct CO2 treatment.

Curing wall-construction materials, e.g. lime-cemented sandstone and autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC)
Direct heating with steam at a pressure of 13 -21 bar
Design: 2 m – 3.1 m diameter, length: up to 50 m, operating pressure: 16 bar

Vulcanising industrial rubber products.
a.)        Direct heating with steam
b.)        Indirect heating with steam via an incorporated heat exchanger
Air circulation with recirculating-air fan

Design: 1.4 m – 6 m diameter, length 14 m, operating pressure: 5 bar

Curing carbon fibre composite material, (drones and models, individual parts in the car industry)
With recirculating-air fan and electrical heating, thermal oil or steam-heated.
Design: 1 2 m – 6 m, length: 22 m, operating pressure: 16 bar.