A new building material is born – and we were allowed to assist at the birth!

Interbran Baustoff GmbH, based in Weinheim, Germany, is now manufacturing a lightweight insulation board that is hardened in autoclaves. For their production facility, Interbran Baustoff GmbH chose a disused calcium silicate blockwork plant. We had actually installed a complete autoclave control system in this plant 18 years ago. As the plant was already becoming outdated, some of the parts had to be replaced. This provided us with the opportunity of replacing some parts of the program, so that the DAKS autoclave control system can now be run on the latest computers.
The outdoor units that process the signals from the central control system, regulate the valves and interrogate the sensors, were still working reliably even after 18 years in the open, which meant we could re-use them.

We were surprised, but at the same time proud of our former products. The first construction phase, consisting of three fully automatic autoclaves, has now been running as planned for three weeks. If the end product proves to have the required characteristics, we will certainly be equipping another three autoclaves. In that case, the steam generator, degasser and heat recovery components will be integrated into the control system.

DAKS Autoclave Controls has been in existence for 29 years and is represented in 147 plants across the world.

We wish Interbran Baustoff GmbH every success for the future and would like to express our sincere thanks for the confidence they have placed in us.